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Ecological ground reinforcement with natural seep.

  • Erosion protection
  • Stable, suitable for heavy vehicles
  • Non-skid surface
  • Easy to transport
  • Eco-friendly
  • Quick and easy to install

Key benefits

  • unbeatable price thanks to new production technology
  • large size and very lightweight
  • excellent water transfer
  • grass intergrowth to nearby cells thanks to bridge structure
  • easy to transport and install because of EU Pallet compatible format
  • simple to cut to size and shape
  • irrigation system possible right throught the grid
  • suitable for concrete filling
  • higher stability and thinnet bedding with use geotextile

:Grass paving grids - applications

Public areas:

  • park paths
  • cemetery paths
  • way bordersstabilization
  • railway embankment
  • driveways for fire department
  • tree trunk protection
  • landing areas
  • riverside stabilization
  • national park ways

Sport and leisure time:

  • surface for horses
  • golf courses
  • tennis court enxironment
  • sport campus
  • leisuretime campus

Home and garden:

  • garden paths
  • house-top grass areas​


EURA grass paving grids are quick and easy to install because of the click system. For installation there is a need for correctly prepared bedding. There are many ways of bedding modification and filling. The best and most common bedding is the same as concrete paving. It consists of a gravel layer and also a fine-grained gravel layer (or mixture of sand and gravel).
For better stability and thinner bedding we recommend use of geotextile.
Grids can be filled with concrete. Concrete filling is very useful when one needs a pavement in the middle of reinforced grassy ground. Small stone aggregate or bark chippings can also be used as filling. For horse riding arenas a special installation is used.

Detailed instructions of different applications can be found in the technical sheet.


Grass paving grids – technical information:

  • Size: 1160x755x38 mm
  • Area: 0.876 m²
  • 1 m² = 1.14 grids
  • Bearing capacity up to 160 t/m²
  • Material: eco-friendly recycled and recyclable HDPE
  • Format compatible with EUR-Pallet
  • Standard packaging: 60 grids (52.56 m²) on Pallet
  • Pallet height – 2350 mm

DOWNLOAD   1) Hand Out      2) Technical sheet

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